Welcome to Esumo v2.0

This is just the beginning

Esumo celebrated its second birthday this year. From the perspective of its founder – still only 25 – it was a challenging two years. Step by step, we grew from a single freelancer to a near ten-person team.

During this time, I’ve met many wonderful people thanks to whom I’ve had the opportunity to acquire knowhow, experience and understanding of the business world.

New identity

Wishing to gain the most out of the last two years, we decided to change the company’s visual identity. The new logotype now refers more strikingly to the culture of Japan, which has always fascinated me.

I believe that the retirement of the generic logotype we used previously will allow our company’s brand and culture to standout with greater prominence.

Our services

Our visual identification is not the only thing that changed. We also decided to recalibrate our service offering, focusing more closely on our core strengths in coding, UX, and web design.

Nothing happens without a reason; I believe that we will soon surprise you with a fairly large announcement!

I am looking forward to your feedback regarding our new ID – be sure to check out the latest case studies.
If you have any questions or would like to start cooperation with Esumo – please contact me!

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